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Tuesday, October 9, 2012
Do you enjoy making arts and crafts with your kiddo at Halloween? I so do! Another thing I also greatly enjoy is sharing all these great ideas with you. Spending time with our children during such activities is simply priceless. Now so far I have introduced arts and crafts about ghosts and pumpkins... what's next? How about mummies! This Halloween character is so mysterious, yet frightful and intriguing, makes it impossible not to create a mummy craft!

To be original and diversified, I decided to turn my creation into a candy jar, but, you have many options at hand. The mummy jar could also be, for example, a candle holder, a decorative object or a vase. Make many and group them or line them up to create an even more dramatic effect!

What you will need

  • An old jar, such as a Mason jar, jam jar, peanut butter jar, etc. 
  • Gauze, crepe bandage, cheesecloth, white streamers, toilet paper, basically whatever you can find that is narrow, white and can be wrapped around a jar! 
  • Clear tape 
  • Googly eyes (if you can't get your hands on some, draw a pair on paper with a black marker and glue them to your jar) 
  • Glue (if not using self-adhesive eyes) 
  • Flameless votives, if you want to turn your jar into a luminary decoration 

How to make it

  • If necessary, clean jar and dry off completely. 
  • Take gauze and tape the edge of it to the back of the vase at the bottom. 
  • As you wrap the gauze around the vase twist and turn the gauze to give it some dimension. 
  • When you have completely covered the vase, cut the gauze and tuck the end under a layer or glue it in place. 
  • Next, glue on 2 wiggly eyes or simply stick them on if using the self-adhesive type (if desired, tuck them into the cheesecloth a bit to make it look like the mummy is peeking out). 
  • If you would like to give your mummy an oldish look, ink the edges of your strips with a bit of brown ink and a q-tip. 
  • Easy peasy! 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Isabella_Grey said...

This is just too adorable!

Dee said...

What a fun idea!


that is quite adorable, and yet so easy to do with the kids! How fun!!

Kim Croisant said...

Too cute!! Neat thing for my old grand kids to make.

Maddie and Matt said...

This is cute! Thanks for the tips. I would love to try this with my niece and nephews over the weekend. I love doing art stuff, because it allows me to reuse some scrap materials, like plastic bottles, straws, etc. In my own little way, I contribute in saving the planet.

Marti Cooper said...

Thank you for your submission! I posted it here....

Here is the link if you would like a "I've been featured" button...:)

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