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"Let's Get Trunki For The Holidays" Giveaway

Sunday, October 21, 2012
Looking to give your readership a little boost? Wanting to gain more followers and fans? Well lucky you! S.O.S. Mom has the perfect opportunity for you right here! With the holidays fast approaching, this the time to treat our fans, followers and readers to a sensational prize. A prize that will make one very happy winner and one tremendously ecstatic child at Christmas. So let's start getting into the hype and frenziness of the holidays shall we?! Make sure not to miss out on any of the fun by joining us for this event!

Sponsored by BabyToysBaby and brought to you by S.O.S. Mom, with co-hosts The Attic Girl and Mudpies & Tiaras, the "Let's Get Trunki For The Holidays" giveaway will be launched on Monday November 5th and will run until November 19th inclusively. This event will be open to both Canada and USA. The prize up for grabs is a Trunki Trixie Travel Bundle, valued at $75. The bundle includes a pink Trunki suitcase, saddlebag, tote bag, fun face stickers, destination stickers, and alphabet stickers. We're talking about a dazzling prize that will be extremely sought-after, hence bringing more traffic your way. This is an event you don't want to miss!

Sign ups will take place from October 22nd to the 31st. As a thank you for posting and hosting this giveaway, alongside the Rafflecopter form, you will be awarded one free link of your choice between either Facebook or Twitter. You also have the option of buying additional links for $1 each, up to a maximum of three. All moneys collected will go towards a second prize of a Paypal gift card. In the event where the collected funds do not suffice to sponsor a gift card, they will then be used to sponsor one of S.O.S. Mom's next events. All entries must be paid via Paypal to

On November 3rd, you will be emailed the HTML and Rafflecopter codings for the giveaway. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an email from Melissa S.O.S. Mom Campeau (check your junk box too!). Besides posting the giveaway, you are simply asked to promote it at least 3 times weekly via the social media channels of your choice!

To sign up, fill out the form here.

The event has a button too! Bring it along with you and post it on your blog for extra promo!

12 Fabulous Comments:

Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas said...

Is there button code anywhere? (Sorry if I missed it...)

Melissa Campeau said...

Wendy, no there isn't actually, or should I say not yet! Did you want to place the button up on your blog?

Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas said...

I did sign up, so I'd love to put the button in the upcoming events section of my sidebar!

Melissa Campeau said...

WIll take care of it tonight and will email it to you, and add it to the post here too. Thanks Wendy! Great to have you on board! :)

Mama to 4 said...

we have this suitcase, my daughter loves it!

MikiHope said...

I will think about joining this one--

Cheap Is The *New* Classy said...

Thanks for sharing this blogger opp! This suitcase is very cool!


Ari said...

Hi there, thanks for sharing this! I’m also hosting a giveaway event for $100 holiday cash. The event is free for bloggers. Feel free to share your link here:

Laurie said...

I would like to participate in this giveaway!

Here is my blog post:

JDaniel4's Mom said...

This is such a cute suitcase!

AdriLisa said...

Would love to promote this giveaway - cute button is already on my right side-bar
my email for the HTML is:

Melissa Campeau said...


I have just emailed you all the details :) thanks!

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