What's Up With "Laundry"?!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
It's 9:27am.
There's a monster coming out of my son's closet.
I have seen this monster around before. And not only in my son's closet.
He seems to enjoy lurking around hampers.
Around here he's called "Laundry". Not a fancy name, but he is not fancy himself, so figures I guess.

My sixth sense tells me he's not working alone. He has twins, or clones, or colleagues wearing monster masks.
I cannot win... there are too many of them, too few of me.
Although, just when I thought I had, HA! There they are again!
Ultimately, "Why bother?" do I ask.
Perhaps, I am being punished for not being close friends with his cousin called "Dishes".
Never thought of that one.
Maybe it is a big conspiracy.
Or maybe "Laundry" is just jealous of "Cleaning".
But he has to be understanding a wee bit.
It is all about sharing. Some monsters have more "special needs" than others!
It is not about "who's my favourite", there is no favourite!
I love you all just the same... (okay, okay, I don't really love them, but they don't need to know that!).
Somehow, I am not convincing anyone here.
That was not really my plan to begin with anyways. 
Oh! I think I figured it out! 
Maybe, just maybe, "Laundry" misses spending time with daddy... No?!?!?
Okay, maybe then, "Laundry" thinks he is being overloaded with work lately and feels like he is not getting his fair share... No?!?!?
I give up!!! 
I don't have time for these guessing games, I have to go do laundry!!! 

***This one is for all of you out there who are convinced their laundry breeds while they are sleeping...

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Danielle Trudel said...

How true it is.
Even if you are only two in a family laundry and dishes always haunt you. But it's part of life.


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