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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

They say travel broadens the mind... very true! I believe that one's mind and soul bloom like a flower when exposed to different cultures, traditions and customs. It makes us think a bit more out of the box. Makes us see the world from a whole different perspective.

My first travels go back to when I was wee little, perhaps a year old or so. Naturally, I don't remember these early voyages, but I can sincerely say that I have memories from very early on. My whole life has been filled (and blessed, I must say) with fantastic and exceptional trips to many different places. Travelling helps me grow as person, shapes my personality and beliefs and opens my eyes to all the greatness out there. There is so much beauty in this world, that a lifetime will most likely not be enough to see it all.

Going on vacation is always a thrill, a exhilarating time, for you and for the children. It is a time where you can bond and grow as a family, and share fabulous moments that you will cherish in your heart forever.

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Bon Voyage!

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Forever A Teen Fashion Finds said...

Following you back from my blog. I want to go to Italy or Paris some day...I sure hope I get that chance. To me that would be the best vacation ever! :D

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