Sick Baby = Helpless Mommy

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
When it comes to our child's health and well-being, we, as parents, would move heaven and earth just to take them out of their misery. It is unbearable to watch them suffer and not being able to do anything about it.

I can't really complain. In nearly a year, my son has only been sick twice. First time was last
summer, a very mild cold, and now, a very powerful cold. As a matter of fact, he has been sick for ten days now. Oh am I ever counting the days. I don't think I have ever asked myself "Is it over yet?" as much as I have in the past ten days. This cold has fallen madly in love with him. It lingers around like an unwelcomed intruder. My mommy heart is just aching at the sight of him being so congested and not able to breath properly. I try as hard as I can not to torture him too much with food and whatnot, knowing very well that the process of chewing and breathing through the mouth at the same time is like an Olympic sport for him right now. But the real challenge? When it all becomes like Mission: Impossible, is when I need to wipe his nose. Oh boy, oh boy! For the love of God, you got the schnoot dangling down from your nose, almost reaching your under chin and you won't let me wipe it?!?! Come ooonnnnnnnnn!!!! Makes me crazy I tell ya! He does the bacon, he screams as if he's in dying pain, he becomes Mr. Fussy, all as a protest against the nose wiping act. Bottom line, he hates it. In fact, hate is an understatement. Oh sometimes he tries to wipe it himself... Ends up looking like a spiderweb across his eyes! Very attractive.

So, last night my boyfriend ran to the drugstore to pick up this homeopathic medicine made
 by "Boiron". They are a Canadian company who have a product line for the whole family. We had received this sample for teething and when he did start going through that phase, around the age of six months old, we decided to use it. Great results! And so yesterday I stumbled upon a little pamphlet I had lying around (actually my son found it in the midst of one of his many scavenger hunts)  in which it listed all their products for young kids up until the age of six. And my boyfriend picked up this one called Coryzalia. Meant for colds, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, all my sons symptoms. We started giving him the doses last night. He is on his second one so far. "The results so far?" you are asking? Pretty good I shall say. I mean, naturally, it is a tad too early to give a conclusion but, already, there is clearly less schnoot action, less sneezing and less nose wiping. If he could, he would probably tell you he's happy about that last one right there!

I will definitely keep all of you posted on how this adventure turns out and how effective these
products are. In the meantime, go check out their website at, and from there you get to select your country and get redirected to the respective website. They are established internationally. And, if any of you would like to try these out and cannot find them in your area, let me know and I will help you out. Until next time, stay healthy my friends! 

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