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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prior to a few years ago, I utterly disliked tea and coffee. Not to be playing on words here, but they were definitely not my cup of tea! I thought coffee tasted quite nasty and I thought tea was a fancy drink for the over 60-year-olds... no offence! This all changed when I met my boyfriend... aaaahhh the wonderful things love will make you do! And that's where my love story with tea began. I started off with the basic, usual stuff, Tetley's Orange Pekoe. The good old-fashionned tea. And then, a year ago or so, my parents got us a gift. A nice arrangement from David's Tea. Back then, I was somewhat familiar with the company, yet I didn't really know what they were all about.

In a nutshell, David's Tea offers loose-leaf teas in an astonishing and unimaginable variety from traditional teas to exclusive and unique blends. From fruits, to nuts, to flowers, seeds, all is captured to offer high-quality tea at an exceptionally affordable price. They have teas with many different properties that will fulfill any need.

Ever since the moment my parents brought David's Tea in our house, I have been taking tremendous pleasure into discovering all their different tea flavors and types. So far, my personal favorite would be The Skinny. An oolong meant to boost your metabolism with a phenomenal taste. I confess, I am hooked. Every time my boyfriend makes tea now, he doesn't even bother asking me which one I want, he knows that's the one! I also favor the Sweet Dreams tea, a herbal blend meant to soothe you into your deepest of sleeps. Or the Goji Pop, a nice fruity herbal tea with longevity properties. Even the Organic Pure Chai tastes fabulous with a hint of milk and honey. There are so many flavors I have tried so far and none have disappointed me. The next ones on my list are the cupcake teas... Ice Cream Cake, Birthday Cake and Chocolate Cake... yummy!

Another neat feature is that some of their teas can be transformed into iced teas. With subtile citrus and fruity hints, they make a great summer refreshment. And I can't go on without mentioning all their cool accessories. Infusers, filters, teapots, natural sweeteners, mugs, tins... the list goes on!

Wondering if David's Tea is in your area? If they aren't, that's okay. They ship internationally! That's right, all over the world!

So, come to think about it, what's not to love about David's Tea?!

David's Tea Website

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am a coffee lover! I have tried tea, loads of tea and it is just not to my fancy. Matter of fact, I think I shall go pour another coffee for myself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa,
I am sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get here.. but I made it! YEAH! And in time for tea! LOL
I am a herb tea drinker.. I gave up coffee and caffeine a long time ago, although my hubby is a huge coffee drinker... I usually drink herb orange tea in the morning or when it's chilly otherwise my drink of choice is caffeine free coke....I loved your post and am following you now on all your social connections.. looking forward to getting to know you.. Be well! =)


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