Bonding While Folding

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Part of being in love is the bonding, making sure your couple connects. 
Whether it be by practicing your favourite activity together, or spending quality time, it usually comes down to something you both enjoy and that takes your mind off the daily routine.
Something that brings your couple to centre stage, puts the spotlight 
on it and makes your love the star.

Typically, such bonding would involve romance, excitement, playfulness, or all the more pure fun.
But what would you say about bonding... over laundry...?
Or even better, bonding over folding laundry...?!
... crickets...
Okay, I totally expected this reaction.
You don't quite know what to make out of my suggestion.
I understand.
I somewhat had that same feeling when I first started realizing what was going on.
When I noticed that my couple was bonding over a household chore! sigh...
My initial thought, "How did we get ourselves into this??".
I started worrying that it spelled out boring couple.
A couple that has nothing left to bond over but a basket filled with fleecy-softened clothes!
I worried. I stressed out. I even started questioning it all... sigh yet again...

Was I starting to define our relationship based on external pressure?
By comparing my relationship to others?
By thinking I knew what was cool and what wasn't based on some sort of idealism society projected on the world?
I then commanded myself I wouldn't let such silly thoughts make their entrance in my head. 
No way jose
It was complete non-sense. 
I couldn't allow such thoughts and attitude. 
I couldn't permit myself from judging the quality of my relationship with my boyfriend based on false premises emerging from what I observe on an everyday basis around me.
It would most certainly turn out to be the worst judgement call ever! 
Considering that I am utterly clueless on what goes on behind closed doors in other people's lives, who am I to say what good or acceptable bonding is for my boyfriend and myself, really?!
To each their own, right? 
That's when I realized that folding laundry is a way, for us, to converse about any imaginable subject, laugh at the silliest jokes you could think of, and tease each other with the greatest complicity.
Sure we have our "everybody's typical" bonding moments like going for walks, or sharing a nice romantic dinner, or watching a great flick. 
But we also have our bonding moments, the ones that define us and that we made our own. 
The ones we never thought could be but are... the ones that are rightly enviable and totally irreplaceable.
I believe the greatest joys of life are nested in the simplest, most unexpected moments of our everyday lives. 
Sometimes these moments come to us, sometimes we need to dig for them.
But when you find them, cherish them... keep them in your heart. 
Folding laundry might seem silly to some, but to us, it's one of those moments.
A moment that defines us and makes us stronger... 
And so now, I consider myself lucky to be able to share such unique and special moments with the love of my life.... how we simply bond while folding!

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OneMommy said...

Anytime both you and your spouse can work together on something - even if it's just folding laundry, it helps build a connection. I love when my husband helps fold laundry.

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