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Thursday, April 5, 2012

We're human, hence, we all eventually catch a virus, some more frequently than others. It's bound to happen. Pretty inevitable. And no matter what it is, our initial instinct is to cure it, make it better. Let's face it, feeling under the weather is far from fun. Living it up, in bed, indulging in pure laziness, doing purely nothing... aaaahhh... of course, just a thought, let's pop that bubble and come back down to Earth! So, since we remain on the go, living our hectic lives despite the fact that we are indisposed, we usually need a little help to, at least, keep our head on straight.

I am not one who usually gets sick very often (knock on wood), so I very rarely rely on meds to get me through a cold and whatnot. Therefore making me a bit of a virgin of the drug aisle at the pharmacy. Having an infant though opened my horizons. You get familiarized with stuff you didn't even know existed! When my son's first teeth started coming in at around 5 months old with obvious discomfort, we tried a sample of homeopathic remedy for teething we had at home. We were quite impressed with the outcome. And my motherly instincts told me that my son was pleased with the results! Then, not so long ago, he caught his very first major, but I mean MA-JOR, cold. It wasn't pretty let me tell you. And I got desperate. He seemed in such a pitiful state, I badly wanted to make him feel better. Coincidently, I came across a little pamphlet we had from when we were given the teething sample on which listed all the baby products Boiron offered. I came to notice the ones for colds and flu. I knew I had to try it out. Again, the results turned out quite impressive. And from there, I did more research on this company and, much to my surprise (and satisfaction), discovered that they have products for the whole family, and, for any kind of everyday ache! From sports-related concerns, to sleep-related issues, they have it all covered! "Wow!", was my first reaction. And "Re-Wow!" when I realized that their products can be found on drug store's shelves all around the globe!

Just to give you a little run-down, Boiron is a French-based global leader in homeopathic medicines. It was founded by twin brothers Jean and Henri Boiron, both pharmacists, who were hired, in June 1932, by René Baudry, a highly respected pharmacist specializing in the manufacture of homeopathic medicines and founder of the Laboratoire Central Homéopathique de France in Paris. About a year later, Les Laboratoires Homéopathiques Modernes (LHM) and Pharmacie Homéopathique Rhodanienne (PHR) started seeing the day. In 1967, the three laboratories merged to form the group of Boiron Laboratories. And the rest was history...

Up until a few months ago, I had never relied on homeopathic medicine, nor had ever even thought of it to tell you the truth. Not on the grounds that I didn't believe in its effectiveness, only because I had never been introduced to it. I guess you could say I was kind of oblivious to it all! It pretty much turned out to be a (lucky) turn of events that lead our family to Boiron. And hopefully they will make their way into your home too!

Visit their website here and click on the Boiron Global link to access the page for your country.

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