Avoiding A Mommy Breakdown

Thursday, April 12, 2012
A baby whose needs are greater than the average is often called "child with intense emotions", which translates into more colics, more tears, more sensitiveness to his surroundings and to any sort of change.

Probably not to your own liking, a baby with such needs can bring a significant amount of stress on his surroundings, such as his siblings and other family members. A mom who is constantly stressed out is at risk of a burnout and may even get to a point where she may try to avoid caring for this child who gives her the (false) impression that she's a bad mother.

A crying child and a mother at the end of her rope can create an explosive disaster. Here are some tips to prevent and avoid a breakdown.

1 - Stop everything and take a deep breath. Keep in mind that when they are small, chidren have few means of communication. Crying being one of them.

2 - Leave the child in his crib, while staying close-by, in order to calm down a bit. This will prevent possibly shaking the baby to make him stop crying.

3 - Don't wait before asking for help. Dare to ask... whether it be a friend who's a good listener or who can come over to your house and take over, a family member, someone from an organism in your neighbourhood, etc. Don't be afraid to ask your local healthcare centre for references too, if the need may be.

4 - Sleep sufficiently. And if needed, sleep while baby is sleeping during the day. Forget your household chores and stock up on some rest. Good sleep is essential because sleep deprivation can cause impatience, irritability and pessimism. Children are sensitive to our moods and humours, and may ultimately suffer from it.

5 - Relax! Follow a yoga, relaxation or swimming class for example. Favour an activity that calms you and gets you relaxed.

6 - Reserve time for yourself. If your spouse cannot help you out more, rely on someone you know to come take over a few afternoons or evenings during the week. Dedicate that time off entirely to yourself... for a little nap perhaps?!

7 - Find time for romance... without the children! When family life brings tensions upon the couple, it's crucial to find a little time for the both of you. Go for a walk, for coffee, a movie... whatever you guys enjoy bonding over. And every other time you go on a date together, avoid addressing the children topic or any issues related to the family life. When you decide to do so, choose a day when you feel calm and rather positive.

7 Fabulous Comments:

Dee said...

Great post! Its easy to get burnt out - there have been many times where I handed my kids to my husband when he came home and ran to take a bath where I could shut the door and have a few minutes to myself.

Kerrie McLoughlin said...

You forgot CHOCOLATE!

Sofia said...

I often forget to breathe...I might have to get back into yoga or biking to help myself relax. Thanks for the tips!

Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

Sooo funny- that is me always with a baby on the boob!! LOL

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I pinned this!! Love it! It is so hard with little ones. I remember the sleepless nights!

Mudpiesandtiaras said...

Great tips!!!!! Thanks!

Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

My 3rd had colic and the twins were very sensory sensitive! It is so important to remember that you didn't do anything wrong when they're freaking out. I also had to realize that you can't possibly be there for every. single. meltdown. It's OK to let them cry it out if you just can't. If you're there 99% of the time, they will be absolutely fine.

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