A Mommy Recommendation - Personalized Easter Baskets

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
There are so many things I love about Easter... the family get-togethers, the brunches, the yummy glazed-ham, the chocolate eggs, the stuffed bunnies and chicks... the overall spirit is overwhelmingly joyous! Although the kids are really the ones getting the whole kick out of it. As for us, parents, we relive these simple joys through our little ones... enjoying quality time making homemade Easter crafts, organizing an Easter egg hunt, cooking some cool Easter treats. Though what I remember the most out of my childhood Easters are the cool and oh-so colorful baskets, filled with exciting surprises!

Well, Chapters-Indigo has really captured the essence of Easter baskets... they let you create your own personalized basket! Chose from a wide variety of treats and trinkets and fill up one of their extra cute lamb, bunny, or chick basket. You get the chance to make it your own creation with items that you know your kid will adore. Such a wonderful idea! And a little reminder, Chapters-Indigo ships internationally... so hurry up to do your shopping now to get it in time for Easter!



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