All You Need To Know About Baby Formula

Monday, March 5, 2012
When it comes to baby formula, the choice can be dreadfully overwhelming. What to chose? How to chose? It's enough to drive any parent crazy! But with all the choice that is out there, odds are that your baby would be perfectly fine with quite a few of them, brand name or store name. So then, what's the catch?! Well, there is no catch... we parents are just wired to look out for our children's best interest. Hence the reason we splurge a bit more and go for the brand names. We gather that, if it costs more, it means it's better. Wrong.

First off, the potential savings between buying store brand baby formula and brand name formula can be pretty significant. Enough to greatly affect any parent's budget. Keeping this in mind, let's examine the other facts.

Secondly, you have to understand that baby formula is made to mimic breast milk as closely as possible. But between a brand name and a generic name, seeing that there are only minor differences, it mainly boils down to taste and texture. Take a look side by side at the ingredients table and you won't see much, if any, difference. Otherwise, formulas are created so that their nutritious values are as close as can be to the ones found in breast milk.

Which brings me to my third point, the nutritional requirements. Every single infant formula on the market must meet all the same strict guidelines in regards to nutrition, safety and manufacturing. So whether you are feeding a brand name formula or a generic name formula to your baby, you are garanteed that it is good and healthy for your child. The only variation will be in the recipe itself. Bottom line, one is not less nutritious than the other!

What explains then the considerable price difference between the two? For the most part, it's the research and marketing. The brand name manufacturers spend millions of dollars on it and on impressing you with free samples, coupons and gifts. And often enough, the packaging is a factor also... fancy labels don't come cheap! Store names just focus on simply selling a product that meets the regulated standards.

Ultimately, it is only by trial and error that you will find a formula that is right for your baby. Your child will most definitely let you know what formula works, and which one doesn't. Perhaps your little one will need a formula that fits his or her particular needs. One thing you have to keep in mind though is consistency. When you find one that works for you and your baby, you should stick with it. It will be better on your baby's digestive system.

In conclusion, the main purpose of this post was really to bring awareness about this topic and turn you into a better informed customer. One who will be in a position to make knowledgeable decisions from which your baby will greatly benefit. Together with your budget too... oh! the marvelous savings for the future! Now we're talking! 

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Aries said...

This post reminded of those headaches I have choosing baby formula those days. Now my two sons are in their teens. Had even forgotten the brand name of those baby formula, diapers etc. Happy blogging and parenting to you. Come visit my mommy blog too sometime when you are free.

BethElderton said...

I'm glad you mentioned that the nutritional standards must be met by both store brand and name brands. The same is true for many products.

Nice to see you here! Thanks for adding me on google+. I love finding new blogs. I just signed up for your emails!

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