Cooking Conversions

A Bit of Terminology... 

Dash or Pinch

Generally considered to be less than 1/8 teaspoon.

Firmly Packed

With a spatula, a spoon or your hand, tightly press the ingredient into the measuring cup. You should measure as much of the ingredient as you can fit into the measure. 

Lightly Packed

Press the ingredient into the measuring cup lightly. Make sure there are no air pockets, but do not compress it too much either. 

Even / Level

Measure the amount precisely, discarding the entire ingredient that rises above the rim of the measuring cup. The back of a straight knife works well for this. 


Do not flatten out the ingredients to the top of the measuring cup. Instead, allow it to pile up above the rim naturally, into a soft, rounded shape. 

Heaping / Heaped

Pile as much of the ingredient on top of the measure as it can hold.


Sift with a strainer or sifter before measuring to ensure the ingredient is not compacted and there is no other foreign substance in it. 

What Does It Mean? 

c = cup
t = tsp = teaspoon
T = tbsp = tablespoon
C = Celsius
F = Fahrenheit
g = gr = gram
kg = kilogram
O = oz = ounces

Quick Tips!

*1 tsp of dried herbs = 1 tbsp of fresh herbs

**1 stick of butter = 1/2 c. of butter = 8 tbsp of butter
***1 tbsp = 3 tsp

Metric Cup & Spoon Sizes

1/4 cup60ml
1/3 cup80ml
1/2 cup125ml
1 cup250ml
1/4 teaspoon1.25ml
1/2 teaspoon2.5ml
1 teaspoon5ml
2 teaspoons10ml
1 tablespoon (equal to 3 teaspoons)15ml


30ml1 fl oz
60ml1/4 cup2 fl oz
80ml 1/3 cup3 1/2 fl oz
2 3/4 fl oz
125ml1/2 cup4 fl oz
150ml5 fl oz
180ml3/4 cup6 fl oz
200ml7 fl oz
250ml1 cup8 3/4 fl oz
310ml1 1/4 cups10 1/2 fl oz
375ml1 1/2 cups13 fl oz
430ml1 3/4 cups15 fl oz
475ml16 fl oz
500ml2 cups17 fl oz
625ml2 1/2 cups21 1/2 fl oz
750ml3 cups26 fl oz
1L4 cups35 fl oz
1.25L5 cups44 fl oz
1.5L6 cups52 fl oz
2L8 cups70 fl oz
2.5L10 cups88 fl oz

Mass (weight)

125g4oz (1/4 lb)
250g8oz (1/2 lb)
375g12oz (3/4 lb)
500g (1/2 kg)16oz (1 lb)
750g24oz (1 1/2 lb)
1kg32oz (2 lb)
1.5kg48oz (3 lb)
2kg64oz (4 lb)

Cup Conversions for Metric & Imperial

Ingredient1 cup1/2 cup1/3 cup1/4 cup
breadcrumbs, dry90g2 3/4oz45g1 1/2oz30g1oz25g3/4oz
butter250g8oz125g4oz80g2 1/2oz60g2oz
cheese, shredded/grated80g2 1/2oz40g1oz35g1oz25g3/4oz
choc bits190g6oz95g3oz70g2 1/4oz55g1 3/4oz
coconut, desiccated85g2 3/4oz45g1 1/2oz35g1oz20g1/2oz
flour, plain/self-raising150g4 3/4oz75g2 1/2oz50g1 1/2oz40g1 1/2oz
rice, uncooked (long-grain/basmati/jasmine)200g6 1/2oz100g3oz70g2 1/4oz50g1 1/2oz
sour cream235g7 1/2oz125g4oz85g2 1/2oz65g2oz
sugar, brown – lightly packed160g5oz80g2 1/2oz60g2oz45g1 1/2oz
sugar, brown – firmly packed200g6 1/2oz100g3oz70g2 1/4oz55g1 3/4oz
sugar, caster220g7oz115g3 3/4oz80g2 1/2oz60g2oz
sugar, icing150g4 3/4oz80g2 1/2oz60g2oz45g1 1/2oz
sugar, white225g7oz110g3 1/2oz80g2 1/2oz60g2oz
sultanas170g5 1/2oz90g3oz65g2oz45g1 1/2oz
yoghurt260g8 1/4oz130g4oz90g3oz70g2 1/4oz

Liquid Volume

To Convert U.S. Gallons to Liters ; Multiply by 3.8
To Convert Liters to U.S. Gallons ; Multiply by .26
To Convert U.S. Gallons to Imperial Gallons ; Multiply by .83
To Convert Imperial Gallons to U.S. Gallons ; Multiply by 1.20
To Convert Imperial Gallons to Liters ; Multiply by 4.55
To Convert Liters to Imperial Gallons ; Multiply by .22


To Convert Ounces to Grams ; Multiply Ounces by 28.35

To Convert Grams to Ounces ; Multiply Grams by .035

To Convert Pounds to Kilograms ; Multiply Pounds by .45

To Convert Kilograms to Pounds ; Multiply Kilograms by 2.20

To Convert Grams to Pounds:
1 pound = 454 grammes
           p  = 1/454 * g
To convert 20 grams to pounds:
           p   = 1/454 * 20
           p   = 20/454
           p   = .0441
To convert that to ounces:
 O  = .0441 * 16
     = .705 ounces
To convert kilos to pounds:
          p  = k * 1000/1k * 1p/454

To convert 2 kilos to pounds:
          p  = 2 * 1000/1 * 1/454
              = 9.69 pounds


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