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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I believe it would be safe to say that being a parent translates into wanting the best for our children. We want them to pick up on good habits, starting with dental hygiene. Knowing how tooth brushing is not favored amongst kids, we can only hope they adopt the habit with ease and with a tad of enthusiasm (a mother has the right to dream about the enthusiasm part!). We figure that the earlier we push the habit on them, the better chances of success. But truth is, occasionally our efforts turn into dust, leaving us asking ourselves what to do next in order to get our little ones to cooperate at tooth brushing time. Now how about if you had a bit help? Meet Jackson. He is here to turn tooth brushing time into fun time!

"Brush with Jackson" is an app created to encourage children into the healthy habit of brushing their teeth. Jackson Rabbit is a fantastic tool to time your little ones to brush their pearly whites for the recommended period of 2-3 minutes, twice daily. Besides addressing the need for tooth brushing, Jackson will, as well, encourage self awareness of parts of the body and hand eye coordination. As a matter of fact, this amusing, ingenious, interactive app showcases Jackson performing some neat tricks, such as repeating what you say, giggling loudly when his tummy is tickled, squealing if you poke his tummy, twitching his nose when it is tapped and winking when his eyes are touched. Not to mention three additional features that are the essence of this app: the toothbrush button to make Jackson brush his teeth for two minutes, the video button to record interaction for up to a minute, and the kazoo button where Jackson turns his toothbrush into an instrument and plays a tune!

Offered in a regular version (priced at $1.99USD) and an HD version (priced at $3.99USD), "Brush with Jackson" is available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. This app was designed by Rosie's Playtime, a Scotland-based company, composed of husband John and wife Diana. When putting this app together, they had one thing in mind: parents. Their goal was to make the parenting job easier by turning the tooth brushing task into something fun, yet educational. Mission accomplished! 

My little guy is currently at an age where he tries to mimic everything he sees. Which in return can be a great thing, and a not-so great thing! First time B-boy got acquainted with Jackson, he was intrigued to say the least. He was definitely entertained and amused by the app's different features. Soon after he had gotten familiarized with his new friend, we headed to the bathroom, pulled out the tooth brushing tools and started the app. As he was religiously observing Jackson brushing his teeth, it was strikingly obvious what he had on his mind: he wanted to do just like Jackson! It was amazing to see him respond this way to the app. Quite honestly, in my opinion, the quality of this app is fabulous. The tooth brushing video executes brilliantly, along with a choice of two songs, one being Rock & Roll and the other Here We Go Round. Cheers guaranteed! They successfully managed to turn Jackson into an engaging, endearing and, most of all, believable character who will unquestionably become a favorite in any household.

More apps will be following for the Jackson family so make sure you keep your eyes peeled. For the time being, pay Jackson a visit on Rosie's Playtime's website and connect with them via their different media channels. I have also included the direct links to the app on the Apple Store, here below.
Brush with Jackson app
Brush with Jackson HD

Great news! S.O.S. Mom and Rosie's Playtime have decided to award TEN winners with the "Brush with Jackson" app! This current giveaway gives parents worldwide their chance of winning this marvellous app, including their selection between regular or HD version. It will run from August 15 to the 25th, 12:01am EST. Enter the Rafflecopter form below, making sure you properly fill out the entries to make your chance to win count!

And in the meantime, happy brushing!

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Unknown said...

That looks so neat! Thanks for the heads up!!

Audrey said...

What a fun idea! My daughter used to love to brush her teeth and then all of sudden starting hating it. We need to check this out!

From PDX with Love said...

This is an awesome app!! It'd come in handy a year ago when it was a fight trying to get my kids to brush their teeth! They love brushing their teeth now...JAckson would have made it a load easier.


Unknown said...

I don't have a little one, but thought this would be good for my sis.

Unknown said...

Awe that is a super cute app. My daughter could use this for my granddaughter.

Ashley S said...

He likes it! But he's only 16 months so he doesn't realize the purpose. I think b/c he is teething he more or less just chews on the brush. At least it is a start!

;sldjflsDKJflksdjf said...

Mine loves it...we started really early and he now knows what to do...but the Dentist still says that I need to brush his teeth, not him. He is almost 3 years old now...

tessaggeration said...

My son loves to brush but I think this is because he likes to eat the toothpaste

susyJ said...

she loves it, only problem is she still has a hard time figuring out the correct way to do it no matter how many times I try to show her

Bidisha Banerjee said...

Thank you for the lovely Giveaway. My daughter loves brushing her teeth.

My Email Id :-

Unknown said...

My son likes to "try" to brush his teeth by himself. He hates for us to brush them for him.

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