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Thursday, July 19, 2012
Nowadays, children toys and clothing stores are overwhelmingly present all around us. And with the internet being a major influence in today's society, it's no surprise that consumers find themselves struggling to find a decent and distinguishable store where to shop for their children's needs. Since most of us, parents, want what's best for our kids, the panoply of choice doesn't make the task much easier on us. And with life getting more and more expensive by the minute, we occasionally go for what our budget considers affordable, unfortunately. Therefore sometimes generating cut backs on quality or originality. What if I told you there was a store out there that combines great prices with amazing quality and creativeness, all in one?

The online store I am about to make you discover will most certainly end up finding its way into your favorites, as I am sure you will be visiting it again and again. It is called Cow & Lizard. They started off as a home based business and have now bloomed into a full-fledged business. This family business runs with the following notion in mind: "Kids should be kids!". They design their own clothes, giving them a fun and playful style, a loose fit and a comfortable feel. Also, something that I think is quite impressive and that every parent out there will enjoy, is the fact that they use a water based eco-friendly ink to print their T-Shirts. What a neat idea and they look just absolutely incredible! Super cute, timeless pieces for boys and girls, made in the USA with open end heavy weight cotton which makes the clothing more durable... Greatly convenient! 

It doesn't stop there! With over 40 brands to chose from, they undoubtedly carry the coolest of toys, including something that can really appeal to children of all ages and interests. Which is what really sold me to Cow & Lizard. An astounding wide variety of toys that are greatly original, at prices affordable for everyone. At Cow & Lizard, you can find, amongst countless things, Dr. Seuss items, extremely interesting arts and crafts, super colorful playground balls, science, nature and outdoor knickknacks of all kinds to strike your child's curiosity and encourage outdoors recreation, adorable fairy and princess toys, fabulous puppets of all kinds, inventive beads and wire mazes, diversified multicolored musical toys, wooden trains, trucks and cars alongside buildings and dolls that will allow your little one to create his own imaginary world, games for all occasions and for the whole family to enjoy, a stupendous assortment of mealtime items that will transform any meal into a fun, educational and inviting experience, etc., etc., etc.

Need to get your kid geared up for back to school? They got you covered with some fantastic items that will make your child the coolest kid in school! Do you love to get your children involved into highlighting and/or celebrating the Holidays, Halloween or even Valentine's Day with friends and family? Well Cow & Lizard has tons of great and wonderful things to chose from in order to bring magic and fun into all your events! So I think it would be safe to say that, by now, you can most probably agree with me when I say this store literally has it all! Really, the choice they have is completely mind-blowing!

I have personally reviewed three of their products:  snack bowls made by Green Toys, a little auto by Hape and a First Friends cowboy by Tolo. First off, I have to say, I was pretty dazzled by the bowls. From the first glance, I knew these weren't your typical snack bowls. The feel and look of them inspires quality. And much to my surprise, these bowls are made from 100% recycled milk jugs! They have no external coating and are PVC-free, melamine-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free (phthalates are chemical compounds mainly used as plasticizers. They are basically added to plastic to increase its flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity, but are raising much concerns in many countries in regards to health.). The yellow color is purely vivacious! They are made very sturdy and perfectly sized for any snacks for babies and kids! They come in a pack of four and are pure awesomeness! Definitely mommy approved!

Moving on to the second great item on the list, the little yellow auto by Hape. Made from forest friendly maple wood, painted with a vibrant yellow non toxic paint and designed with amazing detailing, this toy is absolutely suitable for baby's hands. The neat opening allows the child to grab onto it perfectly and makes playing easy. The overall design is just genius, along with the stunning quality and terrific solidness. Needless to say, I love it and so does my son... a lot! 

As for the First Friends cowboy by Tolo, this toy is just absolutely cute and super fun! This little character is bursting with colors and simply inviting. His trunk has a button, which  squeaks when pushed, along with limbs and hat that make a ratcheting noise. Close to 5" in height and very lightweight, this little fellow is the perfect size to make playtime fun and effortless for children. The colors are admirable and the quality is impeccable. The fun has just started for my son with his little toy cowboy... I can feel it! Undoubtedly, your little ones will fall in love with this one, guaranteed! 

Cow & Lizard is a business who vows itself to excellence, confidence, and satisfaction, amongst many other great qualities. They make sure that the products they offer and carry meet all parents' needs and expectations. Furthermore, they put toy safety on the top of their priority list. Assuredly, with safety being one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, concerns all parents have, their desire is to provide you with that peace of mind when ordering a toy from them. Additionally, by surrounding themselves with eco-friendly items, they also show care, consciousness and devotion to our environment, world and children's futures. They are an all-around children-oriented company with a parent's perspective in mind. Another great perk for this online business is that they provide affordable shipping services to the USA and Canada.

Based on my personal experience with Cow & Lizard, I deem their service as devoted, timely and executed with pure professionalism. I must confess, as some of you might have noticed, I have been away from my blog for quite some time now. Due to personal issues and whatnot, I was kept away from connecting with my readers and held back from being able to share my reviews and posts. They were highly understanding and showed great patience, which I must take the time to thank them again for. They are genuinely great people and that goes a long way when running a business. It says a lot about their shop and what they put forward. Without a shadow of a doubt, they get the mommy two thumbs up from me! Oh, and two thumbs up from my little man as well!

One visit will convince you and make you fall in love with this store. Just give them a try and see for yourself! You can connect with Cow & Lizard via:

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