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Thursday, January 24, 2013
The holidays are now thing of the past but guess what?! Valentine's Day is coming soon, soon, soon! Are you ready? Did you choose who your Valentine will be? I think Valentine's Day is such a cute and uplifting holiday! No need for expensive gifts or fancy get togethers. A little love and thoughtful gestures are all that is needed to make your Valentine's Day remarkable and unforgettable! 

If your kids like to sew, then this could be a great Valentine project for them. With very little material needed, these bookmarks can be offered to their friends or a family member as a nice gift. Adding a personalized touch by sewing the recipient's initial turns it into a lovely keepsake and will be a sure to say "I love you" this upcoming Valentine's Day! 

The material

  • Large paper clips
  • Felt
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Small beads (optional)

The how-to

  • Print and cut out a heart template, and then trace and cut out your pieces of felt. Cut two hearts for each bookmark you want to make.
  • Sew the paper clip onto the back of one of the hearts. 
  • Now turn the heart over. Don't worry about the stitches showing on the front, because they will be hidden under the flower and other decorations.
  • Sew the flower on using a french knot in the center. Or you could sew it on using a small bead instead. 
  • Next, sew the front heart to the back heart using the running stitch. To sew along the bottom, just lift up the edges of the petals and sew underneath.
  • I have added the initial of the person this bookmark was meant for. Thought it would make it more personal and thoughtful. 
  • Your Valentine bookmark is now finished and ready to give to a loved one or friend!

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Sanne Collins said...

These are absolutely adorable! Very clever...I love them.

Sanne Collins
Rural Florida Living

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