Macaron Day

Friday, March 16, 2012

So spring is at our doors... only 4 days left until we welcome it. And for my part, I will do so with arms wide open! Spring means summer, and I love summer! Well, okay, spring also means dirty, muddy, littered streets and lawns. And whoever has a dog, knows what else it also means! But spring bears another meaning. March 20th is officially "Macaron Day".

Some of you might not be too familiar with this legendary french confection. Well, a macaron uses almond flour, sugar and egg whites to form a delicate airy round shell that is simultaneously crunchy and impossibly silky. Bite into it to find a light, crispy exterior surrounding a delicately smooth layer of fine ganache. Found in a wide variety of colors and flavors, from the traditional to the exotic.

So, in honor of this "special" day, many bakeries worldwide have decided to take part in the celebrations. The participating shops will be offering customers a free macaron! What a nice way to celebrate a superb day! Spring and a free macaron, what else could one ask for?!

Another thing I would like to mention is that many of these participants take a portion of the sales to donate to various organizations, such as food banks. The more reasons for us to encourage this great day!

Most big-cities are taking part in this "Macaron Day", but to have more details for your area, you can do a google search by typing: "macaron day in (your city name)", or by visiting your local bakery and mentioning you are there for "Macaron Day", and they will inform you if they do participate or not. In the meantime, happy spring to all!

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